Worship at UUSGU

Sunday Worship Service is at 10:00am on Facebook Live, www.Facebook.com/UUSGU

We are gathered to practice compassion and to serve.


Worship at UUSGU is at the center of congregational life.

Thoughtful, engaging, provocative, inspiring and relevant, worship is the starting point for all that we do together. Worship is how we come together in beloved community to mark the milestones of our lives, and it’s how we gather up the inspiration and courage to go out into the world to make a lasting difference.

We would love to worship with you!

Worship is the invitation to be present with one another in times of transition: to rejoice with new parents at a birth or a long awaited adoption; to laugh with a young couple as they practice their wedding vows; to cry with a grieving family as we gather all their memories for a meaningful memorial service that celebrates a life.

We would love to celebrate life with you!

To simply be present with people that truly care about bringing young and old, gay and straight, and all colors of the human family together into a caring, respectful community sharing a common purpose and celebrating our individual worth and dignity and our interdependent, mutual connection to one another—that is worship at UUSGU.


We would love to be present with you!

Join us.