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From You I Receive, To You I Give

Words and music by Joseph and Nathan Segal, arranged by Barry Hall, with ASL interpretation by April Craft. Hymn 402 in "Singing the Living Tradition," the Unitarian Universalist (UU) hymnal.

A favorite hymn collaboratively created by UUSGU Music Director Barry Hall with help from 66 members of our beloved community, collectively honoring the spirit of living, loving and sharing at UUSGU. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our March hymn-in-motion video. Whether you are one of the 66 people on-screen, or singing along at home, thank you for being a part of our beloved community!

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This Little Light of Mine

Our amazing youth, along with our UUSGU Religious Educators and Religious Exploration committee members have collaborated with the music team to bring us this hymn-in-motion for February 2022. Please sing along with us! Music: African-American spiritual c. 1750-1875.

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Building a New Way

by Martha Sandefer
arranged by Barry Hall and Bob Nicoll

The choir and musicians at UUSGU collaborated during a time of social distancing to build a new way of connecting as a community and sharing a message to the world via this wonderful song.

UUSGU Sunday services are filed with a wide range of music.  Music that inspires.  Music that resonates with the soul.  Music that makes us smile.


As a community, we have singers and instrumentalists of all skill levels willing to step up and share their talent.  And, creative leaders that are willing to explore new ideas.  The result is a music program that is powerful, playful, and just plain fun.


Like all the arts, music builds bridges between communities, age groups, and cultures.  Over the last several years, the UUSGU Music Department has excelled at the use of technology to produce music videos that are used not only at UUSGU, but at other Unitarian congregations around the country.


If you would like to be part of the UUSGU music program, we have a place for you!

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