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Rev. Daniel Gregoire

Rev. Daniel is the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Grafton and Upton UUSGU. He was called to serve USGUU in June 2016. Rev. Daniel is excited to spread the unique message of Unitarian Universalism, a transformative encounter with the Holy through Love and Service to all.  He sees UUSGU as a vital, spiritual home for people throughout the bucolic Blackstone River Valley area of central Massachusetts. His warm and engaging, spiritual presence, embraces all people no matter what race, culture, sexual orientation or ability and it matches the welcoming and engaging culture of UUSGU.

Rev. Daniel is guided by the Seven UU Principles and the timeless UU teaching that “Love is the doctrine of this church, the quest for truth is its sacrament and service is its prayer…” Rev. Daniel believes that we are always connected to the Divine, however we choose to define it, and that connection restores us and makes great things possible. He offers hope and courage to face life’s challenges and celebrates the everyday triumphs of the human spirit. He offers practical pastoral care that draws on the notion that we are not alone in our joys or in our sorrows.


Rev. Daniel is a graduate of the celebrated Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York. He has served congregations in New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Rev. Daniel lives in North Grafton, Massachusetts with his wife Kate. He is  “on fire” for Unitarian Universalism and also enjoys Victorian architecture, Haitian cuisine, Walt Whitman, Early western music, mindfulness meditation and Ritual Studies.

Minister's Welcome


Welcome. Thanks for visiting our website we are a dynamic and historic congregation nestled in the Blackstone River Valley of Massachusetts. We welcome all people to our worship and we support each other on our journeys of spiritual growth.

Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care

Pastoral care involves working closely with an individual, family, or special group of the church community to support them in securing their wellbeing and meeting their spiritual needs.

The foundation of pastoral care is spiritually centered care giving. 

If you would like to learn more about pastoral care, please contact Rev. Daniel Gregoire.

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