We need not think alike
to love alike

Music is to the soul what
words are to the mind

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Unitarian Universalism - Building a New Way

The Unitarian Universalist Church sits on a corner of Grafton Common looking for all the world like a traditional church, in a traditional setting, in a traditional New England town. 

From the outside. 

On the inside, however, an altogether different spiritual practice is happening - one that

" Spark the spirit and the mind.   

Kindle the loving community. 

Ignite social justice in the world. "


"Life is a gift for which we are grateful.

We gather in community to celebrate

the glories and the mysteries of this great gift."

Sunday, February 6, 2022
3:00 PM
"A Mourning of Dancing" - A Jazz Funeral for 2021 Multigenerational Sunday with Rev. Daniel Gregoire

Join us in the sanctuary at UUSGU, in the parlor, or here online!

All are invited to our annual tradition of putting the past year to rest with a Jazz Funeral. Come and be lifted up by the experience of joy, symbolism and meaning with a funeral  for 2021. Join us and connect with music that stirs the soul, as we find our peace and joyful assurance in laying a challenging year to rest. You are encouraged to bring your family and friends to this unique expression of UU faith. Be prepared to join us in appropriate funeral attire as 2021 will be sent off with gladness!

*** Please Note ***

Due to the recent COVID surge, the Sacred Play Space (childcare) will not be available this week. We will provide clipboards with paper and crayons for families who wish to have their children in the pews with them.

"Boldness has Genius, Power and Magic in it

So let us be bold in our living and in our loving

Bold in our giving and in our forgiving

So that the world awaited might become more nearly

the world attained.​"
UUSGU Benediction by Rev. Bruce Southworth      

Are your children asking

Big Questions?


Questions about God?  Questions like, “Why we are here?” or, “Where did we come from?” or, “What is our purpose in life?”

At UUSGU, we don’t promise to have all the answers.  We do promise a loving community that will walk beside you on your journey to find them, and resources to help you along your way.

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What's going on here?  Repairs begin

A summer wind storm knocked the six-foot tall, gilded cast iron weathervane off the top of the historic Grafton Unitarian Church. On the way down, the weathervane damaged the steeple, roof, and front of the church building.


Valley Restoration of Torrington, Connecticut has been hired to repair the damage. Valley specializes in the repair and restoration of New England churches.


At the same time, the church is updating electrical and information technology capabilities to support ongoing live broadcasts of church services on the Internet. 


Plans are also being drawn for a handicap ramp to improve building accessibility, as well as installation of updated exit and emergency lighting.

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Community Supper

at Milford UU Church

third Sunday of each month, 3:00 - 6:00 PM

see Sign-up sheet or contact

admin@uusgu for more information

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to serve



If you are looking for a community

  • that practices respect for others,

  • that shares your dreams and your doubts for a better world,

  • that embraces the complementary feeling of being with like-minded people,

  • that engages the challenges that deepen us through exploring our passions in a caring atmosphere,

  • in which your kids can discover who they are in a safe, supportive and fun-filled environment,

  • in which you can learn, laugh, love and connect...


then UUSGU is the place for you!

All are welcome.

Join us!

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