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Access is Key...

... and the Key to Access is Us!
We need to raise an additional $21K for handicap accessibility to the first floor.

The total fundraising goal to make the building accessible is $37,000. We have received over $16,000, leaving an additional $21,000 in order to move forward with this important project. 

Please donate by September 1, 2021 to get the work started this year, so that when our doors once again open to the beloved community, truly ALL will be able to enter.  To donate contact admin@uusgu.org, call the church office at (508) 839-2927, or use the yellow button above!




In the summer, we UUs gather in a way that is different from the program year. This year, we are offering “Caravan Sundays” that link us to other congregations around the U.S.A. and their Sunday Services. Join us on our summer adventures and, pending CDC and state guidelines…, see you in September!

To join us, visit www.Facebook.com/UUSGU


 Spark the spirit and the mind.

Kindle the loving community.

     Ignite social justice in the world.


If you are looking for a community:

  • that practices respect for others,

  • that shares your dreams and your doubts for a better world,

  • that embraces the complementary feeling of being with like-minded people,

  • that engages the challenges that deepen us through exploring our passions in a caring atmosphere,

  • in which your kids can discover who they are in a safe, supportive and fun-filled environment,

  • in which you can learn, laugh, love—and a place to connect—then UUSGU is the place for you!

All are welcome.


Join us!

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Connecting with Community


What is a

Unitarian Universalist?

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Social Justice




Boldness has

Genius, Power,
and Magic in it.
So let us be bold in our living and in our loving. 
Bold in our giving and in our forgiving.
So that the world awaited might become more nearly the world attained.
UUSGU Benediction by Rev. Bruce Southworth

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