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UUSGU Religious Exploration Newsletter March 1, 2023

Our spiritual theme for March is gold. Over the centuries, gold has meant many things to many people. Kings fought for it. Dragons and leprechauns hoarded it. Wealth...power...status...royalty... Is that what comes to mind when you hear the word gold? Or do you think of simpler things? ...the golden stalks of a wheat field at harvest time ...the golden coat of a Irish Setter running across a field ...the golden leaves of a ginkgo tree fluttering to ground in autumn ...the golden sparkle of sand on a beach as the waves roll in ...the golden waves of your child’s hair in the firelight Gold is all these things and more. Gold can also be a symbol of generosity. As we move through March and into April in the RE department, we will be celebrating the generosity of Mother Earth, learning how we are all a part of a greater whole, and finding ways to share our generosity with others.

Photo by Luke Besley on Unsplash

A Special Note on Masking

On February 14th the Board of Trustees voted to immediately lift the requirement that masks be worn in the sanctuary space. Therefore we will be altering the masking policy for RE. Whether or not your child wears a mask is up to you, the parent. For the protection of all, please do not bring any child with respiratory symptoms to RE unmasked.

Photo by Anton on Unsplash

Upcoming RE and Family Events March 1st--DRE’s online office hours, 7 p.m. Just Click Here

March 5th--Seventh week of UUSGU Chalica celebration, the VIOLET promise, 10 a.m. --RE classes, childcare available March 6th--Beth Tikvah’s Pizza and Purim, 6 p.m. (see below) March 12th--Celebration of Learning for Chalica, 10 a.m. --RE classes, childcare available --special RAINBOW coffee hour, after service (see below) March 19th--Membership Sunday, 10 a.m. --shortened RE classes, childcare available March 26th--Generosity Sunday, 10 a.m. --RE classes, childcare available

In March, we will be ending our celebration of Chalica with a special rainbow coffee hour on March 12th. We’ll bring the posters down to display in the fellowship space and enjoy rainbow sugar cookies, a rainbow of vegetables, and other special treats. Please join us. If you’d like to contribute a rainbow treat, email and let us know.

Holidays in World Religions

March plays host to a number of religious holidays. The Baha’i, Sikh, Hindu, and Zarathushti faiths celebrate their new year in March. At the beginning of March our Hindu and Sikh neighbors will be celebrating Holi, a colorful holiday celebrating the return of spring. The full moon on March 7th will be observed as the Blossoming Out Moon by some indigenous Americans. Christians (and many secular folk) will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with all things green and gold. Ramadan, a month of fasting, almsgiving, pilgrimage and prayer, will begin for our Muslim friends on the 23rd of March. Many faiths--Shinto and Wicca among them--will celebrate the vernal equinox. And during the last week of March, the birth of the prophet Zarathrustra is celebrated by Zarathushti and the birth of Rama by Hindus.

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On Monday, March 6th, Beth Tikvah will be celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim here at UUSGU from 6 to 8 p.m. Come in costume, eat pizza, and listen to the story of Esther from the Hebrew Bible. Don’t forget to make lots of noise whenever anyone mentions Haman! Details and registration can be found at Beth Tikvah’s website. A $5 contribution per person with a limit of $15 per family will help defray the cost of the pizza and beverages.

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