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Music is to the soul
what words are to the mind

Music Director




The Unitarian Universalist Society of Grafton & Upton (UUSGU) is a community of people who recognize the inherent good in all people, extend love and acceptance to everyone, embrace the worth and dignity of every individual, and foster each other’s spiritual growth, no matter their beliefs.


From the outside, we look like a traditional church, in a traditional setting, in a traditional New England town. And, in some ways we are. UUSGU was founded almost 300 years ago and has been meeting continuously since 1731. On the inside, however, an altogether different spiritual practice is happening - one that emphasizes values over dogma, community connections, and justice in the world.


UUSGU is a multigenerational community of people from many religions, cultural and racial backgrounds, life experiences and identities, working together to build a community based on love.


The UUSGU Music Program is an integral part of the community and has been a key attraction for members and visitors. We have a talented, creative group of musicians producing a variety of styles - traditional and contemporary choir music, instrumental and vocal ensembles of classical and popular music, a New Orleans-style Jazz service, Kirtan chanting, and African drumming.


Our musical variety and diversity is a reflection of the skills our members enthusiastically share with the community, and their willingness to collaborate on new projects.




The Music Director oversees the music program of the church and provides music for worship, rites of passage, and other church events. The Music Director is responsible for working with the Minister to develop high quality, diverse solo, vocal, ensemble, and congregational music programming that is consistent with our Unitarian Universalist tradition.


A successful Music Director will provide musical leadership and accompaniment in collaboration with the wealth of volunteer musicians in the UUSGU community.




As an integral part of the worship team, the Music Director will:


  1. In collaboration with the Minister and Worship Committee, develop, implement, and guide a comprehensive Music Ministry Vision.

  2. Collaborate with the Minister and Worship Committee to craft a music calendar that works in tandem with the weekly and monthly worship themes.

  3. Provide rehearsal leadership and piano accompaniment for the choir on a regular basis and for the youth choir on an as-needed basis.

  4. Provide congregational hymn leadership, small group conducting, coaching, and/or performance support as needed.

  5. Provide hymn accompaniment for the congregation as needed to support Sunday services and special worship services including, but not limited to, Christmas Eve.

  6. Collaborate and coordinate with volunteer ensemble directors (e.g.: Bell Choir Director and Youth Choir Director) to integrate each ensemble into the overall music program and the Music Ministry Vision.

  7. Review, organize, and maintain the UUSGU music library in both hardcopy and digital formats.

  8. Select pre-recorded music videos from the UUSGU digital music library and other sources for Sunday services in cooperation with the virtual broadcast technical team.

  9. Arrange for tuning and upkeep of the church's instruments (piano and pipe organ)

  10. Coordinate with volunteer music ministry team members to provide hymn accompaniment and instrumental music for all worship services.

  11. In collaboration with the Worship Committee/members of music program, assure substitute music coverage on Sundays, when not in attendance.

  12. Work with and encourage solo and ensemble performances by congregants as well as encourage participation in all musical opportunities (e.g., choir, handbell choir, etc.)

  13. Choose appropriate instrumental and/or small ensemble repertoire which supports the Music Ministry Vision and weekly/monthly worship themes in collaboration with the Minister and Worship Committee.

  14. Coordinate musical aspects of community outreach (e.g., Christmas caroling at convalescent home, ad hoc performances on Grafton Common, etc.) as appropriate

  15. Administer the Music Team's budget.

  16. Submit an annual report to the congregation.




The Music Director is expected to:

  • Attend weekly UUSGU staff meetings​

  • Attend regular individual supervision meetings with the Minister

  • Attend monthly Worship Committee meetings, and other relevant meetings as requested

  • Maintain membership in the UU Musicians Network (AUUMM) and occasionally attend professional organization gatherings when appropriate (the cost of which to be borne by the church)


Skills and Experience:


The Music Director should possess:

  • A degree in the field of Music, or commensurate experience

  • Sympathy with Unitarian Universalist principles and values, which can be found here.​

  • Musicianship and proficiency as an instrumentalist, pianist, and choir director, as well as in leading congregational singing​

  • Understanding and appreciation for a diversity of musical styles and traditions in order to support and provide diverse and eclectic musical offerings​

  • A willingness and capacity to work collaboratively with the Minister and Worship Committee

  • Excellent interpersonal or ''people skills"

  • A background in classical music and hymnology is a plus​

  • Knowledge and experience working with music videos and incorporating them into a worship service.

  • Knowledge and experience in recording and producing music videos is a plus.


Reports to:  Minister


Work Schedule:


Twenty hours per week during the church year (third week of August through third week of June - exact dates to be established each year based on when Labor Day falls)




As described in the Employment Agreement and the UUSGU Personnel Policy Manual




Commensurate with UUSGU & UUA Guidelines



If interested, please submit your resume to Please include links to video examples, if available, of you performing music and/or leading musical ensembles.

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